The Nine Network announced on 3 July 2012 that a one-off charity concert special, Voices Reaching Out, for The Reach Foundation would air. The special is to be staged at The Palms at Crown complex and hosted by The Voice host Darren McMullen. It will feature all four finalists, Karise Eden, Darren Percival, Rachael Leahcar and Sarah De Bono.

Also set to perform are contestants Prinnie Stevens, Mahalia Barnes, Adam Martin, Ben Hazlewood, Chris Sebastian, Fatai V, Mitchell Johnson, Brittany Cairns, Kelsie Rimmer, Diana Rouvas, Viktoria Bolonina, Emma Louise Birdsall and Casey Withoos. Singer and Team Keith mentor Megan Washington is also set to perform. Also appearing are The Voice social media correspondent Faustina Agolley, joined by Jules Lund and Jesinta Campbell. The 90-minute concert is set to be filmed 12 July 2012 and will air 15 July 2012 on Nine.


Performer(s) Song
Glenn Cunningham, Ben Hazlewood, Prinnie Stevens, Mitchell Thompson,
Brittany Cairns, Diana Rouvas, Rachael Leahcar, Emma Lousie Birdsall,
Adam Martin, Chris Sebastian, Sarah De Bono, Casey Withoos,
Kelsie Rimmer, Viktoria Bolonina, Fatai V and Darren Percival
"I Gotta Feeling"
Karise Eden "You Won't Let Me"
Mitchell Thompson and Fatai V "I Won't Let You Go"
Mahalia Barnes and Prinnie Stevens "Respect"
Adam Martin and Ben Hazlewood "Valerie"
Megan Washington "Sometimes You Need"
Darren Percival "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)"
Fatai V, Sarah De Bono, Brittany Cairns and Diana Rouvas "Because of You"
Diana Rouvas "Crazy in Love"/"Crazy"
Adam Martin, Ben Hazlewood, Chris Sebastian and Glen Cunningham "With or Without You"
Rachael Leahcar "A Thousand Years"
Sarah De Bono "The Edge of Glory"
Brittany Cairns and Kelsie Rimmer "Turning Tables"
Karise Eden "Hound Dog"
Emma Lousie Birdsall, Prinnie Stevens, Brittany Cairns, Diana Rouvas,
Rachael Leahcar, Sarah De Bono, Casey Withoos, Kelsie Rimmer,
Viktoria Bolonina, Fatai V, Karise Eden, Darren Percival, Adam Martin,
Chris Sebastian, Mitchell Thompson, Glenn Cunningham, Ben Hazlewood
"Reach Out and Touch (Somebody's Hand)"/"Reach Out I'll Be There"
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