Rosie Henshaw
Rosie Henshaw
General Information
Name Rosie Henshaw
Gender Female
Age 27
Hometown Sydney, New South Wales
Team(s) Team Kylie
Season(s) 3
Chairs Turned

Rosie Henshaw" is a singer and current contestant on The Voice. She is on Team Kylie.

Official BioEdit

Rosie is a much-loved feature on the domestic festival circuit and performs regularly with duo and trio acts that showcase her unique vocal, bass and percussion performances. She has toured internationally with Sydney-based bands, collaborated with International DJs and is currently recording a debut album.

A free spirit, Rosie spent a childhood between India, Hong Kong and Sydney and has been singing her whole life. This rich cultural tapestry is reflected in her eclectic musical style that transcends R’n’B, jazz, soul and pop. At age 27, Rosie has a holistic approach to her musical ambitions incorporating a love of yoga, good food, natural health and meditation into everyday life.

The VoiceEdit

Rosie, age 27, auditioned for The Voice with a performance of Moloko's 'Sing It Back'. She achieved a three chair spin receiving praise from the coaches. Kylie took of her shoes and eventually was chosen as Rosie's coach.

In the Battle Rounds, Rosie was paired up against duo Reece and Tino, they battled out with the song "Umbrella", and she was eventually chosen to continue on with Team Kylie.

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