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Karise and Seal Victory!



2012 Winner Karise Eden

The show started by welcoming the whole of the contestents back on to the stage! They all sung Chain by Fleetwood Mac. The final 4 all got to sing a main part of the song. The show then moved on to the duets, Sarah De Bono then sang with her Coach Joel Madden Rain by Bruno Mars. The next top 4 member to sing was Karise Eden she sung >>>> with her coach Seal. Next up was Rachael Leahcar singing Prayer with Delta. Then Darren Percival singing Without You By Keith Urban with his coach Keith Urban.


The winner for first ever The Voice Australia is: Karise EdenEdit

A YEAR ago she was living in a women's refuge. Today she is the toast of the nation as the inaugural winner of The Voice. And with $100,000 cash in her bank account Karise Eden can finally put down a deposit on a home of her own; with a new car in the driveway and a recording contract in the mailbox.

Runner's UpEdit

2nd Place: Darren Percivel

3rd Place:Racheal Leahcar ($20,000 won)

4th Place: Sarah De Bono ($10,000 Won)

Other SingersEdit

Mahalia Barnes and Prinnie Stevens singing: Mountian High River Deep

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