Battle RoundsEdit

The Battle rounds help the Coaches pick there top 6. The rounds are made up of two of the same team members vs eachother. When they have finnished each Coach gets to have a say on their preformance, then their teams coach has to come up with who to stay in the compertition, if the coach can't decide then he/she can call a time out and ask their mentors

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  1. The coaches pair up contestants from their teams to sing the same song at the same time on stage in front of an audience. Basically, they’re tasked with singing a duet.
  2. The coaches meet with the two contestants and introduce the mentors. Keith’s mentor is Megan Washington, Delta’s mentor is Darren Hayes, Joel’s mentor is Benji Madden, and Seal’s mentor is Ricki-Lee Coulter. Together with their mentors, the coaches do exactly what their titles imply: they coach and prepare the contestants for the performance.
  3. The stage is transformed to represent a boxing ring. Viewers will be reminded of their blind auditions and how they got to that point. Then the music starts and the battle commences. One singer will take a verse, then they’ll switch, and then they’ll come together for the chorus and big notes. There’s also some harmonising, which always sounds great.
  4. All of the coaches offer their comments on the performance they’ve just seen. They’re also asked to pick who they would take through to the live shows, but ultimately it comes down to the coach whose team the contestants are on. (For example, only Keith has the power to send home his contestants — he may be swayed by the other coaches but it’s his decision in the end.)
  5. The coaches are allowed to take a ‘time out’ to quickly consult with their mentors if they feel the need.
  6. The coach delivers his/her decision (after lots of praise for the person who goes home). And there you have it — one singer is through to the live shows, and then it’s time to battle again!
Voice prinnie mahalia-420x0

Prinnie and Mahalia sing off

Episode 7: "Let the Battles Begin, Part 1"Edit

The first episode of the Battle Rounds was broadcast on 30 April 2012.

Green – Battle Winner
Pink – Eliminated Artist
Coach Artists Song
Seal Paula Parore Karise Eden "Back to Black"
Joel Madden Chris Ninni Ben Hazelwood "The Only Exception"
Delta Goodrem Glenn Cunninham Matty Chaps "Moves Like Jagger"
Keith Urban Diana Rouvas Jaz Flowers "Mr. Know It All"
Seal Fatai Veamatahau Mitchell Thompson "Love the Way You Lie (Part II)"
Delta Goodrem Adam Hoek Rachael Leahcar "Over The Rainbow"
Keith Urban Adam Martin Abbie Cardwell "Heartbeat"
Joel Madden Mahalia Barnes Prinnie Stevens "Tainted Love"

Episode 8: "The Battles, Part 2"Edit

The second episode of the Battle Rounds was broadcast on 1 May 2012.

Green – Battle Winner
Pink– Eliminated Artist
Coach Artists Song
Keith Urban Cam Tapp Taga Paa "Change the World"
Delta Goodrem Peta Jeffress Viktoria Bolonina "Purple Rain"
Seal Anthony Dellamarta Michael Duchesne "Living for the City"
Joel Madden Lakyn Heperi Nick Len "Big Jet Plane"
Delta Goodrem Danni Da Ros Sarah Lloyd "Hero"
Keith Urban Glenn Whitehall Jimmy Cupples "Plans"
Joel Madden Mali-Koa Hood Laura Bunting "What's Up?"
Seal Chris Sebastian Yshrael Pascual "Firework"

Lakyn Heperi debuted on the ARIA Charts at #10 after his performance

Episode 9: "The Battles, Part 3"Edit

The third and final episode of the Battle Rounds was broadcast on 7 May 2012.

Green– Battle Winner
Pink– Eliminated Artist
Coach Artists Song
Joel Madden Carmen Smith Michelle Serret-Cursio "We Found Love"
Seal Sam Ludeman Kieran Fraser "Viva la Vida"
Keith Urban Brittany Cairns Kelsie Rimmer "Turning Tables"
Delta Goodrem Jerson Trinidad Matt Hetherington "Higher Ground"
Joel Madden Sarah De Bono Yianna Stavrous "Heavy Cross"
Keith Urban Brett Clarke Darren Percival "Shower the People"
Delta Goodrem Ben Bennett Jesse and Ashleigh "Fireflies"
Seal Casey Withoos Emma Louise Birdsall "At Last"
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